For the child taken.  For the parent left behind.” ~ Chief Wilton Littlechild

Canadians are invited to create 12 ”  afghan squares that have a circular centre (crocheted or knitted) which will be stitched together to create lapghans known as “Bryce’s Blankets.”  If those donating squares wish, they may also send dedications or messages of hope and reconciliation which will be posted onto the website.

We warmly invite others to begin their own chapters of Bryce’s Blankets, creating lapghans for Indigenous peoples within their local areas.  Please contact us if you wish to begin your own chapter so we may include you and your contact details on this website.

No apology or single action can undo the pervasive intergenerational trauma that has been inflicted upon Indigenous people.  However, through this collaborative arts project our goals are to: create greater awareness of the rich culture, language and history of  Indigenous people, and to understand the history of genocide and the oppression of Indigenous people.  In so doing, we hope to break down the enormous disconnect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and work together towards truth and reconciliation.